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Cindy Grigg

Cindy Grigg

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Cindy Grigg's vision is to help people get more done faster in order for their innovations, talents, and ideas to be accessible to the world.

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Having delivered over 100 productivity software courses at various higher education campuses, Cindy's professional experience also includes instructing office software courses online and a variety of other ventures.

Cindy also writes fiction in the Science Fiction, Alternate History, Steampunk, and Mystery genres. Her site www.cindygrigg.com summarizes her various writing projects.


Cindy studied economics and English and holds Microsoft’s Office Specialist Certification in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

By Cindy Grigg:

This site offers insight on how to stay empowered and savvy regarding office software suites, one of our world's most powerful productivity tools. You'll find information for administrators, managers, small business owners, students, instructors, crafters, speakers, parents...you name it!

Please let me know if you cannot find something you are looking for. I'm here to help!

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