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Top Android Productivity Apps for 2014


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Top Android User Interface and Utility Apps for 2014

AppGarden - App Box

(c) Screenshot by Cindy Grigg, Courtesy of Google and Fluffy Delusions, Inc.

The more fine-tuned your apps are, the more useful your Android tablet, smartphone, eReader or other device becomes. Here's a collection of apps that can boost your productivity and help you be more effective in 2014.

In this slide show collection, click through the links to see each app in the Google Play store, where you can see actual screen views before buying or downloading.

For example, apps like App Garden Lite and Beautiful Widgets Pro let you customize all sorts of visual elements including your Android's clocks, weather, and more. Other options include Zedge and other Personalization Apps in the Google Play store. 

Other apps help streamline what goes on behind the scenes on your Android device but can also provide tools just like the utilities on your desktop's operating system, such as JuiceDefender.

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