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Prices of Office 2013 Desktop Version for Winter 2013

What You Can Expect to Pay for Microsoft's Newest Office


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Updated June 30, 2014

Office 2013 prices depend on whether you start subscribing to the Office 365 cloud, versus using the traditional desktop version discussed below.

Subscriptions are a new emphasis for Microsoft, and may end up being your best choice. Here are three links to learn more about these alternative Office 365 and subscriptions:

Office 365 and Office 2013. . .What's the Difference?

Understanding Office Suite Subscriptions

Prices of Office 365 Subscriptions for Winter 2013

Office 2013 Non-Subscription, Desktop Prices

If all this talk of subscriptions has you reeling a bit, rest assured that Microsoft is still selling desktop-installed versions of Office 2013. Here are those more traditional options:

Office Home and Student 2013 and Office Home & Student 2013 for RT devices - $139.99 USD

Office Home and Business 2013 - $219.99 USD

Office Professional 2013 - $399.99 USD

As always, please check the Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365 page for complete detail.

To summarize, the tradeoff for not subscribing to Office 2013 is losing out on some productivity convenience. Without a subscription, for example, it looks like installation is limited to fewer devices and upgrades to the product will not be automatic or guaranteed.

For all desktop Office 2013 purchases, you will be using the new Product Key Card rather than a disc or DVD.

Upgrading From Past Versions of Microsoft Office

If you have recently purchased a prior version, Microsoft has assured that a free upgrade to 2013 is available:

Where to Try The New Office 2013 For Free

Please view these Office 2013 Program Image Galleries showing new features and what to expect if you decide to download Office 2013 Preview. You will find direct links to where you can download the preview.

Please do not hesitate to send me your questions. The landscape of Microsoft's products is certainly changing quite a bit, and I want to facilitate your productivity by helping you navigate these latest versions of Microsoft Office software and services.

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