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Free Office Suites for iOS

Free is a Bit of a Relative Term


Microsoft Word for iPad
Courtesy Microsoft

What free really means to each iOS office suite development company is a bit of a fluid concept. They are not lying about offering a free version, but that version may not end up meeting your productivity needs for iPad. Also, a subscription ofr up-sell may be coming down the line.

A New-fangled Type of Free Trials

While some iPad suites offer free trials, the cloud- or app-based ones generally do not. Instead, they offer the free versions detailed below.

This is just a more elegant way to address the same problem: offering customers some time with a software product, without forgoing a paycheck indefinitely.

Free iOS Office Suites Tend to Be Cloud-Based

The cloud is facilitating some incredible solutions for iOS fans. One of cloud computing's virtues is cost effectiveness. If you are not yet keen on using a cloud solution, you may want to just take a look at these interesting solutions, and then search one of the other price points listed below.

· Microsoft Office Web Apps: These streamlined versions of the full office suite have recently been updated such that they can be used in the cloud or off the cloud.

· OnLive: For the free version, you can get document storage will be a minimal 2 gigabytes. The Pro account is $10 a month with 50GM of storage.

· CloudOn: Office-based programs in a free format, which can be easily synced to cloud resources like Dropbox, Google Drive, and others. Nice PDF capabilities.

· rollApp: These apps are free while the product is still in beta, but may later require a licensing fee.

· LogMeIn: Free. This cloud company also offers its original Ignition, but that is now considered a different product, and it is not free.

· Google Apps: The basic version is indeed free. For more features, the business/school version is $5/user/month or $50/user/year.

Check Out These Additional Price Points for iOS Office Suites

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I hope you have narrowed down your iOS office suite search, with minimal consternation. If you have any questions, please email me.

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