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Microsoft's Best Calendar, Schedule, and Organization Templates


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Free Calendar, Schedule, and Organization Templates for Home or Business

Find useful calendar, schedule, and organization tools in this gallery of Microsoft’s free templates for home or business.

Using a template can offer you momentum to get you started on projects. Often personal effectiveness projects are the ones we never quite get around to. Cut to the chase with a template that does a lot of the work for you!

Microsoft has hundreds of templates in these categories. Click through these slides for the best, including this Daily and Weekly Work or Personal Appointment Schedule Template for Excel 2013.

Install Office 2013 Preview

Be sure to pay attention to which version each template requires before downloading it. You will be able to see this as you click through my links to the Microsoft download site for that template. If you have a later version than it states you should be fine. If you have an earlier version than it states you will most likely not be able to use that template unless you upgrade to a newer version of Microsoft Office.

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