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List of Office Software & Apps for Android

Stay Productive with Solutions for Android Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, & Smartphone


Find mobile office software and apps for your Android smartphone or other device.

What is Android?

Android is an open source code that can be altered and distributed by developers of devices, apps, game consules, and more. Google financially supported then acquired the Android code.

Microsoft Office for Android

Many Android enthusiasts have been waiting for Microsoft to make a compatible, robust Office suite app. For information on how soon this may be a reality, check out: Awaiting Microsoft Office Apps for iOS and Android

Available Android Office Suite Solutions

Your Android device very likely came with at least a pre-installed document reader. It may only let you view word processing documents or it may let you view spreadsheets and presentations as well, but these are really only meant to get you started.

Before long, Android productivity users often decide to look for a full version office suite for their device--one that allows you to edit documents.

Microsoft Office Web Apps

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One of the most popular solutions for anyone loyal to Microsoft Office is the comparatively simple version Microsoft currently offers for free, known as Office Web Apps. This online version requires an internet connection and includes Android-compatible Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote apps.

Google Docs, Google Apps

Google Docs Icon
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Natrually, Google's own online office suite, Google Docs, is available for Android. The online Google Apps available through Google's cloud environment known as Google Drive are also available for Android. Features are improving all the time, particularly relative to collaboration and syncing.

Documents to Go

Documents to Go by Dataviz
(c) Courtesy of Dataviz

Documents to Go for Android comes in a free reader version (including PDF) while the full version allows editing of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

This suite's interface and editing experience is not as smooth as other suites but it can cost less depending on promotions.

Quickoffice Pro

Quickoffice Pro
(c) Quickoffice Pro via Google

Quickoffice has recently been acquired by Google but is still available as a separate suite from Google Docs and Apps.

As of June 2012 it had been installed on over 400 million devices. It began as a strong popular contender for mobile office suites because it was generally compatible with popular documents formats such as those created by Microsoft Office.

Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft Free Office 2012 for Android Mobile
(c) Courtesy of Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft Office has been around for some time but is gaining popularity more recently due to its strong features. This suite is available for Android in a few different versions, including a multilingual, HD Tablet Beta for Android 4.0 or higher, and simplified Android Reader.


OnLive Logo
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The draw for OnLive is that it offers access to full Windows versions of Microsoft Office Suite, housed on a remote server rather than your own computer.


LogMeIn Logo
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LogMeIn lets you remotely access your home computer's desktop from your Android device.

Recently the company also added a new online file service called Cubby, a strong contender with other cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox or SugarSync.


OliveOffice from OlivePhone
(c) Image Courtesy of OlivePhone

OlivePhone's user base exceeds 200 countries and regions worldwide.

OliveOfficeBasic is available as a free download and functions primarily as a reader of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. OliveOfficePremium is an Android software suite for both viewing and editing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.


CloudOn Logo
CloudOn Logo

This app is a nice option for those wanting a desktop experience similar to Windows.

Syncing with Dropbox, CloudOn's versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are more simplistic than other Android solutions but that may be sufficient for what you are trying to accomplish.

Also, CloudOn allows you to view PDF documents through its Adobe Reader functionality.

Where to Purchase Android Office Suite Apps

The online Google Play store is a major marketplace for Android apps but you can search online for other sources as well.

Once you narrow down a couple Android office suites, always read the user reviews on the store page. You will gain insight on what does not work--all the quirky things that have bothered certain users. This is one of your best bets as far as ferreting out feature deal-breakers.

Regarding Cloud-based Office Suites for Android

Your Android office suite is most likely to be a cloud-based (also known as web-based) suite because many Android devices are mobile, such as a tablet or smartphone. That said, you may want to investigate hybrid cloud solutions.

To connect with that cloud on-the-go, you may supply your own mobile internet access. If you instead plan on utilizing wi-fi hot spots you may run into problems with network traffic or download speeds.

Luckily, many cloud suites allow you to use the suite offline then sync once your reconnect to a signal but it is a good idea to make sure prior to depending on a new suite for an important project.

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