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A free way to read, copy, or print Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visio, or Lync documents.

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Best OpenOffice Extensions for Productivity

OpenOffice (OpenOffice.org) is a popular free alternative to more expensive office software suites such as Microsoft Office. Here's a list of my favorite free OpenOffice extensions which can help boost your productivity.

Best OpenOffice Extensions for Teachers, Students, and Education

Educators, teachers, students, and parents can find free OpenOffice (OpenOffice.org) extensions, which bring in specialized tools for academic tasks.

Best OpenOffice Extensions for Business

As a business professional, you likely have a lot to manage, whether you supervise a team or create projects on your own. These free OpenOffice (OpenOffice.org) extensions can bring you additional tools to help you succeed in your goals.

Best OpenOffice Extensions for Writers, Communicators, and Collaborators

Writers and collaborators who use the free OpenOffice (OpenOffice.org) suite can find additional specialty tools called extensions, built with communicators in mind.

2014 Review of 40 Features in Kingsoft's Free WPS Office for iPhone and iPad

An alternative to suites like Microsoft Office for iPad without the price tag. Kingsoft's WPS Office is the new name for its Kingsoft Office suite.

LibreOffice VS OpenOffice: Who Wins?

In a battle between OpenOffice versus LibreOffice, which office software suite would win? Here's how to find out which would bring home the productivity title for you or your organization.

Top 88 Twitter Hashtags for Office, Work, and Productivity

Tweet better! My list of popular office, work, or productivity hashtags for Twitter can help seasoned pros or novices.

2014 Review of 40 Features in Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Office Online is composed of free, simplified versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. This review takes you through my experience and recommendations using Microsoft Office Online for desktop or mobile.

Best Google Apps Add-ons for Productivity

Productivity can be improved simply by having the right tool for problems you are trying to solve. If you are a Google Apps user of Docs or Sheets, consider using these free add-ons to simply your daily tasks.

Best Google Apps Add-ons for Teachers and Education

If you find yourself needing more Google Apps features for your academic pursuits--whether you are a teacher, student, administrator, or parent--you should check out something called an add-on.

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