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Microsoft Office for Windows Phone 8

What to Expect from Each Program in this Productivity Suite


Microsoft Office for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft Office for Windows Phone 8

(c) Courtesy of Microsoft

What should you expect from Office for Windows Phone 8? Here is information to help you make your productivity decisions regarding Microsoft's latest operating system and devices.

If you already own a Windows Phone 8, this version of Office is most likely already installed on your phone, and you can find it by following these instructions on the Windows Phone FAQ site.

According to Bert Van Hoof of Microsoft, the goals of the Windows Phone 8 team regarding the Office productivity suite were as follows:

  1. All your Office documents, where and when you want them
  2. The best Office document rendering on any phone
  3. All your notes – in one place and with you, anywhere
  4. Communicate and collaborate effectively from your mobile device
  5. The most world-ready Office experience on any phone

Tap and Send Documents in Office for Windows Phone 8

NFC-capable devices allow you to send information based on the physical proximity of two devices.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. You may have seen this or used this to make an electronic payment or as an electronic ticket via your smartphone.

This ‘Tap and Send’ functionality can work for transferring Office documents between your Windows 8 phone and any other NFC-capable device.

Lots of Languages in Office for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 is immediately available in 50 languages and will likely add more to this list.

If your language needs include complex script for languages with more pictorial alphabets sometimes termed as characters, or UI mirroring for languages reading right-to-left versus left-to-right, Office on Windows Phone 8 has those capabilities.

Auto-discovery, Multi-Device Productivity in Office for Windows Phone 8

Your Windows Phone 8 can automatically connect to your accounts including your Microsoft Account (a new single sign-in). This auto-discovery feature brings added convenience to your mobile productivity experience.

This is particularly important given Microsoft’s new productivity ecosystem, which comes together as Office Hub.

Office Hub on Windows Phone 8

Microsoft Office is no longer optimized when used as a stand-alone suite. Now it is part of a larger ecosystem which includes SkyDrive (Microsoft’s cloud environment), Office 365 (Microsoft’s productivity services, as housed on SkyDrive), SharePoint (a cloud resource connecting organizational teams), and more.

Whether your Office needs are personal or team-based, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are now housed under one hub.

This will seem like a huge difference to some users and a minute detail to others. The goal is to make everything more integrated and easily accessible.

Microsoft Word for Windows Phone 8

You can create and edit documents using Microsoft Word for Windows Phone 8.

You will also find innovations centering around a couple views:

· Outline View allows you to easily scan, read comments, and work in a document.

· Tap the Windows 8 Phone to see Full-screen Reading View, which gets rid of the button commands you see pictured above. You only see the content itself.

Microsoft Excel for Windows Phone 8

Cell Selection Handles combat a classic mobile spreadsheet problem of viewing expansive data on a small screen. Here’s a few ways this helps:

· Reading area constantly refreshes with data.

· Touch resizing of columns and rows is available now, but a new feature called View Cell Text allows you to see lengthy text filling single cells.

· Range selection is easier.

Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows Phone 8

· SmartArt Graphics, shapes, and images are fully supported in Microsoft PowerPoint on Windows Phone 8.

· Transition effects, timing, and some animation is also available in the Windows Phone 8 experience.

· Navigationally, slide thumbnails now offer a more visual outline of the presentation.

· A new portrait mode now allows Windows Phone 8 users to work with speaker notes.

OneNote Mobile for Windows Phone 8

OneNote is pretty much a superstar program for Windows Phone 8, which may be why it is now a separate app, rather than officially part of the Office for Windows Phone 8.

The Windows Phone 8 OneNote experience includes the ability to:

· Immediately capture text, voice notes (available even when the phone is locked), and photos. These are referred to as Quick Notes.

· Organize notebooks or sections, search for notes, and use photos kept in the Photo Hub.

The idea is for OneNote users to be able to access these notes on different devices, by connecting with SkyDrive and Office 365. This all happens through a single sign-in called a Microsoft Account.

Invite family, friends, or team members into a new feature for Windows Phone 8 called Rooms, where you can share Office documents. In fact, any notes are automatically placed in a OneNote document. Rooms allows you to share a group chat, calendar, photos, or videos.

Microsoft Outlook for Windows Phone 8

If you are an Outlook fan, your Windows Phone 8 Outlook will allow you access to email messages, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and email attachments.

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